About Us

Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again – Bon Accord!

The term Bon Accord is, fairly obviously, French – the literal translation being good agreement.  The origins of the term in the context of naming our business, however, lie centuries ago during the Scottish Wars of Independence when legendary warriors William Wallace and Robert the Bruce were leading their brave and committed Scotsmen in revolution against English invasion and occupation.

One night in the early 14th century, a swift and brilliant revolt took place, when Robert the Bruce lead a small band of soldiers north to Aberdeen where they lay siege to Aberdeen Castle, the site where the English had set up their garrison, and in razing it to the ground they freed the town and reclaimed it under Scottish rule. Legend has it that the term bon accord played a crucial role, it being the secret code used by the revolutionaries to mount the attack and it is now the official motto of Aberdeen and can be seen on the coat of arms for the city. Indeed, the city’s official toast is “Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again – Bon Accord!”.

Owner and founder of Bon Accord Solutions, Al McKelvie, grew up in Aberdeen, before making the journey to Australia in 2006 and becoming the proud bearer of Australian citizenship some years later. We at Bon Accord Solutions have as our aim and promise to engage with our clients and provide solutions in the very same spirit as the toast of Bon Accord.

Contact us so we at Bon Accord Solutions can help your organisation, big or small, introduce and improve collaboration, document management, process automation and company intranet capabilities.